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Greetings, my name is Gerald Birmingham. I am -- for lack of a better term -- an exterminator. And I am also a home owner. So i know how damaging termites can be to not only the value of your home, but to the health and safety of the occupants...you! So, I decided to take what I know about the subject and create this web site, Termite Removal. I'll include some informative articles and some photos and sketches to help you combat one of the worst problems a home can have, termite infestation. I hope you enjoy your stay and please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

How To Kill Termites Effectively

If your house consists of wooden structures or components, it is likely that it may have been invaded by termites. Termites slowly and quietly destroy the wood and cause expensive damage to one’s home. However, there is no need for you to shift to another home or tear down your house and start over only because your house has been infested by termites. There are a number of effective methods that one can make use of and learn how to kill termites or hire the services of a professional termite extermination company that will do it for you. In this article, we will be discussing the various methods of how to kill termites to save your property.

In certain cases, you may be tempted to know how to kill termites and carry out the termite extermination on your own and there is nothing wrong with that. However, hiring an expert to inspect and resolve your termite problem isn’t a bad choice either. Professionals have the knowledge and the expertise of how to kill termites and deal with the situation and apply effective treatments and provide a solution to how to kill termites and prevent them from coming back. You can find a termite control company considering that they know how to kill termites and you can find a good one by asking people who you trust to recommend a good company and compare their prices and the services they offer before making the final decision. One can also perform the termite extermination as long as you know how to kill termites.

We will now discuss the different methods of how to kill termites. Baiting is one of the most popular methods and has proven to be effective in killing the wood eating insects. This method includes the use of bait in order to invite and attract the termites. This bait has certain toxins that are appealing to the termites and they flock to the bait box in order to feed but die as a result of the chemicals used in the bait. Sometimes, the treated bait is carried back by the termites to the colony and when fed to other members of the colony results in their death. This is a time-consuming but very effective way how to kill termites.

Tenting is another complicated and aggressive solution on how to kill termites and refers to enclosing the house in a tent in order to fumigate the premises. Naturally, this would mean that you and your family would have to vacate the property and take any items with you that you want to prevent from getting contaminated. The pest control service normally tells you what items you should remove from the house and what else you must do. It may be sensible to let your neighbors know about your course of action so that can keep a safe distance from the area. This is an aggressive and complicated but highly effective way on how to kill termites.

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